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[ ARTWORK ] D-EDGE 17th Anniversary

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Artwork made with Adobe Photoshop / Cinema 4D to the D-EDGE 17th anniversary celebration party, one of the biggest Brazil’s club and night culture.

The concept resumn about this:

17 is the highlight number formed by the two solid blocks in the center, surrounded by 17 piano keys that are the guardians of this story, each year a new guardian surrounds and protects this main essence. The number 1 symbolizes a new piece, we are multiplying, therefore, attaching other cultural blocks – easily identified in recent years with Bossa in Gastronomic and Ratier in Fashion. The “7” visualized in this composition, symbol of wholeness, spirituality and will, also symbolizes the renewal, in this case represented by the club’s base building, D-EDGE, even though we are constantly evolving, our base will always be the same

References images & creative study:

D-EDGE facade

BOSSA Restaurant (D-EDGE group)

Detailed video about how the composition was made:

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————— UPDATED: May 07 2017 —————

Check how it was: