Felipe Krust portfolio


Featured at digital magazine ItsNoon “Os arteiros”


We are a network for you to learn, practice and develop skills that will help you overcome today’s challenges: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. We do this in a simple way, where your data is not our business model. Here you put your ideas freely, reflect, contribute to a broader and constructive discussion of solutions and is recognized, including with money.

Such skills needed to meet the challenges of our time are much discussed, but little practiced. At Itsnoon their collaboration is directly linked to the development of creativity, personal expression and collaboration in the various modalities of interaction in the network. And this work is recognized with prominence and money. In today’s networks, your information and data are worth money, but it does not reach you. At Itsnoon we always work by sharing this value: your activity, the ideas you put in, are recognized as work done and therefore the money comes back to you.

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ItsNoon portal released your first digita magazine bringing various artists that joined the network into their creative contests. Artists from all over Brazil are in with your arts, check it out:

Oh! And my artwork “Camilensão” was featured at page 92, for who want to see 😉