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I’m about to do something that I was see good artists doing and never thought I was be “up to” to do: share free content for usage as you wanted (Free Copyrights)!

Many of my visual references, as the semi-god beeple., do some sharing with free footage every month, since hints to video content to use as visuals on VJ or in other projects. I’ve been so helped for those contents so I expected to be helpful for someone else with a little bit of my stuff too.

For this first step into this new habit, this first pack have the visualizer / glitch I created for all my new website stuff (and other contents). The loading screen, the intro vertical video, the transition into the 2nd section at home, the mini-logo upon the fixed bar… all this uses this same footage!

I always loved to use glitch (oh really) and always wanted to make my own mine to make some “own mark” shit. But I tried do something different… some glitch kinda futuristic but also have your “normal” version. So, I cried this looping with Adobe After Effects:        

Then, I roll up into other versions as this vertical version mixing both types:

One hint for your is using this as “Exclusion” blending mode above your content and to make more effective, apply it as “Source” of “Displacement Map” effect into After Effects it will turn more cooler if your adjust the settings as you wish then.

You can download all this stuff in 1920×1200, MP4 or DXV3 format, for usage in ALL your projects and visuals, just click the link below!


Let me know where do you use or if you go beyond on that. If you need some other pack with a specific theme, just ask me into social media channels too. 🖖👽