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Unblur, Jotapê! Charity party “Retina” to our belong photographer friend

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One of the most work hard guy, good soul and SO MUCH talented on photography I have meet is needing our help. Jotapê make a great job in a lot parts here in São Paulo but got a eye health issue that will block him to live well (mainly speaking) and continue that awesome work.

It’s sad to know when the wings of those who are talented got stucked… so lets help!! Any valor in this fund raising that we created will be helpful. In addition this fund raising, you can also help going to the charity party that we created to add more energy in this cause!

Named “Retina”, the event will happening at Nos Trilhos located at Mooca, Sã Paulo. The party will bring Malik Mustache, DJ Mau Mau, Renato Cohen, Dazzo, Goldcash and Kush 3D also Alex Senna, Teken, Zelig Music, HOT- Q, GUERREROS, Low Disco, Emiliano, Léo Scarpa, Hønkie, Sickness, DJ Sayuri, Zucchi, Vulpes, Le Paladino, Caroline Morr, Azzura, Aqualight, Caruso (LUV), Bruno Salari, Frederico, Klle Dawid, Rod Fussy, Lukas Vega, Pappen N’ Hans, San Marttin, Rick Legnani DJ.

Feel the music through your eyes in this upcoming party – that will also count with me VJ Krust all night long – and help a very talented guy keep going your great photos.

———— UPDATE: March 06 2017 ————

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