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[ MUSIC VIDEO ] GUDI – “Follow me”

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Music video scripted, directed and edited by me to GUDI duo for “Follow me” track.

It was my very first time directing and scripting a music video from zero, a different experience from the day by day video editing. Thanks a lot Daniel and Marcel for the opportunity!!

Music video sheet:
Direction: Felipe Krust.
Photography: Fábio Koerich.
Edit and post-production (Color grading & VFX): Felipe Krust
Executive production: Dado Prisco.
Script: Daniel Victorino, Marcel Copani, Dado Prisco e Felipe Krust.
Art Direction: Felipe Krust.
Camera #1: Fábio Koerich.
Camera #2 (making of): Johnnie Mello.
Camera Assist. #1: Paulo Rogerio.
Camera Assist. #2: Lucas Scoz.
Casting: Daniel Victorino e Marcel Copani.
Make-up: Make You
Main actors: Daniela Seta, Allan Simon e João Pedro.
Supporting actors: Carol Reis, Victoria Monteleone, Letícia Rodrigues Lopes, Leonardo Reis, Lahis Trindade, Valeria Colpani, Mariana Cisneros, Ivan Mosqueira, Nicole Petrini Senra, Idelfonso Petrini, Idenir Petrini.
Sponsors: Energético One More e Make You

Made a quick breakthrough of how it was made some of the video scenes, check it here:

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Breakthrough Color Grading + CGI / VFX “Follow Me” @gudi.music (Official Video) w/ Adobe Premiere + After Effects + Photoshop ✌🏼😁✌🏼

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